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Musician, Drummer & Percussionist 

Rocc News:
Ric had been touring with Engelbert Humperdinck since 2015.  His world tour has taken Ric to such exotic places such as South Africa, Australia, Indonesia, South East Asia, New Zealand, Egypt, Israel, Belgium, Iceland and more...

This year marks Engelberts 50 year anniversary of his hit song, "Release Me".

Ric also performs with Casual Encounters, a live band karaoke group with 300 songs and perform in clubs and private parties such as the Voice, Youtube Channel and many more.

We are very sad that the great Vic Firth has past away.  Below is Vic Firth himself in Los Angeles at Center Staging, Burbank, CA and Ric after signing an endorsement with the Vic Firth Company.  R.I.P Vic.

Ric also resigned his endorsement with D'Addario/Evans Drum Heads this year. 

Ric has been working with many country artists and was fortunate to open for Billy Currington.  He has been also working with Latin Legends, MALO.  Below is a clip from the MALO, TIERRA and WAR show as well as a clip from a Totsy show at the famous Edison Club in downtown Los Angeles featuring Drake Bell.

Totsy with Drake Bell


Because of his well rounded back ground and professionalism, Ric is always working with different artists, writing and recording new material at Dexter Studios and giving lessons in his spare time.  He was featured in Canadian country singer Tim Hicks music video, "Hell Raisin' Good Time" that went #5 on the video charts and #9 as a song.   Ric is also in Tim's video for his song "Buzz, Buzz, Buzzing" which came out in September 2014.  He is also playing with Alligator Beach, a New Orleans style band playing the great hits from down south as well as Burlesque Pop influenced band, Totsy.

Dexter Studio News:
Dexter Studios uses a vintage Tascam 388 Studio B, 8 track tape machine that brings a wonderful analog warmth to the studio.  16 + channels in either Pro Tools 10 or Logic Pro.
If you know someone who is looking to record drums or simply needs a place to record, please direct them to the site.

Ric would like to thank you for all the support throughout the years.
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