Voiceover Artist

For years I have been told by producers, engineers, musicians and Uber drivers that I have a great voice and I should do Voiceover work.  During 2020, I hooked up with a great vocalist Nicole Britton that I had worked with many years ago and she asked me if I would be  interested in teaching her drum lessons.  Long story longer...  It turns out that she is a very successful VO Artist and one thing led to another and well...  here we are!  Before even having a demo completed I landed my first job doing a training video for AmCon. The very next week a Radio Ad Demo for a Bowling Alley in PA and yes... I got paid!

Owning my own studio and being an engineer as well as teaching online lessons and mastering Zoom has made this a very easy add-on to what I already can deliver as a musician/producer who can sing, play drums, keys, a little bass and not to mention the steel drums!  

 If you are looking for a VO Artist with an East Coast/New England/bit of rasp type of voice... you found your guy!  But I can do more.  Stay tuned for samples.